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Details Chanons-Yeomans-Tale-Chanons-Yeomans-Tale-An-Alchemical-Treatise-an-Alchemical-Treatise

Chanon's Yeoman's Tale Chanon's Yeoman's Tale THIS 36 PAGE ARTICLE WAS EXTRACTED FROM THE BOOK: Theatrum Chemicum Brittannicum, by Geoffry Chaucer. To purchase the entire book, please order ISBN 0922802890.

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Details Two-Treatises-of-Government

[{ Two Treatises of Government By Locke, John ( Author ) Feb - 02- 2009 ( Paperback ) } ]

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Details Moses-Maimonides-Treatise-On-Resurrection

One of Maimonides' classic works, the Treatise on Resurrection is an extended discussion of resurrection, the immortality of the soul, the mysteries of the Messianic Age, and the World to Come. The Treatise on Resurrection was controversial in its day ...

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Details Treatise-of-Walter-of-Bibbesworth

The Treatise of Walter of Bibbesworth The Treatise of Walter of Bibbesworth is a didactic poem in Anglo-Norman which surveys a host of practical matters, ranging from childbirth and our passage through life, to estate management and life in fields ...